Mechanical properties of roller coverings

  • BöttcherTec roller covering materials are very wear-resistant and will outlast most other rollers
  • For particularly though applications (e.g. doser rollers) we have developed hard rubber and polyurethane coverings
  • Special surface finishes guarantee good traction (important for transport rollers etc.)
  • Anti-aging additives make the materials resistant to ozone and UV light
  • High elasticity, less edge marking

Chemical properties

  • Formulated to stand up to water- and oilbased coatings, stains and other process chemicals
  • Roller surface does not become tacky, remains easy to clean
  • Anti-adhesive coverings for laminating
  • Coverings do not stain or mark the wood

Special properties

  • Special grooving options (e.g. OptiRoller for precise dosing and transfer when varnishing)
  • Porous rubber coverings in a range of durometers and densities

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