Future-proofing your press operations

Printing different products on one press, constantly reacting to schedule changes, keeping all the balls in the air regarding press and staff availability – heatset printers live in a volatile and challenging environment.The business of commercial web print production is getting faster and less predictable all the time. But you are expected to make it work. And that’s where Böttcher comes into play. Because to meet your production goals, you need to be able to rely 100% on your materials.

Where ink meets paper, that’s where you’ll find Böttcher. Our products are at the heart of the printing process. They ensure the quality and consistency of your product, day after day, night after night.

Böttcher is at your side, when frequent format and substrate changes place more and more demands on the press and those operating it. Our products help you reduce make-ready and maintenance times. You run the press faster, with less down-time and at a consistently higher quality level.

BöttcherTop printing blankets

Heatset presses have to run 24/7. Our blankets help them do it. They do much more than just transfer the image: they have to absorb mechanical vibrations and the occasional wrap, accommodate changing stock thicknesses and feed the web evenly and consistently through the press.

The mechanical and chemical characteristics of our heatset blankets have been specifically designed to meet these challenges. They are designed, manufactured and converted using state-of-the-art technology. Because a blanket is performing best when you don’t even notice it’s there. BöttcherTop blankets are designed with defined feed cha­racteristics and excellent dimensional stability. The result is even web tension and image transfer and good register in all format classes and at all production speeds.

Rollers - smooth operators

We’re sure you’ve seen it before: rollers with rubber picked off the ends. Every time you check they have got harder and you are having to re-set them more frequently than normal. We know about roller/ink interaction and have specially formulated rubber compounds with excellent resistance to shrinkage and hardening caused by heatset inks. Our heatset roller com­pounds are deigned to work with a broad range of heatset inks, giving you long roller life and stable printing conditions. You lose less time for colour adjustments and roller main­tenance and produce less waste.

And as an added service Böttcher will do laboratory tests on your inks and other pressroom chemicals, whenever you want to switch ink series or simply as a routine process assurance measure.

All Böttcher inking roller compounds for commercial web presses are designed to maintain low running temperatures, no matter how high the production speed. This reduces the amount of energy required to drive and cool the inking unit and also significantly reduces ink misting. In other words, running these rollers saves you money.

Added security when you use the original

Böttcher is a development and supply partner of the leading press manufacturers and equips more offset presses than any other roller manufacturer. Everything you order from us – rubber coverings, cores, accessories – is manufactured to the same high standard as the original press parts. And that’s not just true for the parts themselves: we dismantle and check all accessories and, before we re-assemble your rollers, we replace anything which is worn. Because the last thing you want is downtime due to bad material.

Pressroom chemistry with inbuilt added value

If rollers are the heart of the printing process, the fountain solution – along with the ink – is its lifeblood. BöttcherFount fountain solution additives are designed to deliver top technical and economic results, no matter what dampening system or stocks you are using. They help you reduce start-up waste and reduce build-up on rollers and blankets, whether your press is equipped with film or spray bar dampening.

Böttcher is also one of the world’s leading manufacturers of washes and maintenance products for blanket and roller cleaning, with a range of dedicated washes tailored to the specific needs of each type of automatic washing system. In the area of solvent filtration, no-one has more experience than Böttcher. And modern concepts for packaging, distribution and waste management will help you reduce the carbon footprint of your operation.

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