Low-migration printing the easy way

Requirements for packaging and packaging producers have grown increasingly tough in recent years, especially in the food industry. The detection of undesirable residues of banned substances in food packaging shakes consumer confi dence and generates uncertainty – and enormous costs in many cases - throughout the entire distribution chain. In a transparent global information environment, the brand in question may suffer irreparable damage.
Low- migration materials can contribute significantly to preventing such damage.

Special Coverings

With Böttcher ProColora and ProAqualis, special surface coatings effectively and reliably eliminate the possibility of components of the rubber compounds being extracted by inks or fountain solutions and transferred to the finished product.

Furthermore, the use of distributor rollers with the “Golden Pearl” covering considerably shortens cleaning and make-ready times between jobs, thus significantly and sustainably enhancing the productivity of the printing process.

Böttcher also offers special roller covering compounds which are approved for direct contact with food. Your local Böttcher representative will be glad to help you select the best material for your specific process.

Vita - product range

Böttcher’s “Vita” brand is a series of products for all printing processes that have been tested and certified for conformity with food processing regulations by independent scientificinstitutes. The products in the “Vita” series provide you as a user with a reliable base for the safety and compliance of the entire printing process.

The Vita series also includes washes, fountain solutions and other printing supplies which have been optimized and certifi ed for low-migration printing. Among these are fountain solution additives which facilitate printing with metal-pigment inks (VitaFountGold).

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