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Even in a world increasingly dominated by electronic media, the newspaper remains a central pillar of modern culture and society. But it is changing with the society it reflects and serves. The attention of readers and adver­tisers is no longer attracted, their appetite not satisfied by yesterday’s monochrome factuality.

Value Added Printing

“Value Added Printing” is the key to competing with the new media. With the help of heatset ovens and UV curing systems, new, more colourful and exciting products emerge. News sizes and formats change the appearance and role of the newspaper in our day to day lives.

All this costs money, and the speed of market develop­ment leads to ever shortening investment cycles and puts pressure on the printer to provide a rapid return on each investment.

Rollers - "Set and forget"

Böttcher is the world’s number one roller supplier. Our rollers are to be found as original equipment on more new newspaper press installations than any other brand. For a good reason: Böttcher has developed specialised inking and dampening roller compounds for all types of modern news inks, and for heatset and UV inks in semi-commercial applications, too. For particularly high production speeds, we supply highly dynamic rubber roller compounds which effectively reduce the heat build-up in the printing unit. This keeps contact nips stable, avoids tinting and saves energy, something which is becoming more and more important in today’s carbon-conscious environ­ment. And what’s more: ink misting can be considerably redu­ced. We help you keep cool, no matter how hot the pressure is.

Outside the printing unit, you can also look to Böttcher for innovative roller coatings and solutions. Ink-repellent coverings for path rollers reduce cleaning time dramatically, and our special foam rubber and brush paster rollers reduce the time lost due to mis-splices. You produce more and better product at reduced waste levels.

Even in vegetable oil-based inks, our shrink-resistant rubber makes your rollers last longer and your process more stable, equating to less downtime and cost for re-setting and repla­cing rollers. “Set and forget” – that’s how one newspaper printer described his experience of working with Böttcher rollers.

The printing process is more than just the sum of its parts.

Ink, paper, fountain solution, rollers and blankets all interact: compatibility is the key to efficient printing. Böttcher looks at and develops each product as an integral part of the whole process. We ensure the compatibility of the products before they ever reach your pressroom. When you buy from Böttcher, you get products which are part of a technical system. They ensure that you print reliably on a consistently high quality level.

The name Böttcher also stands for the people who are there to support you where it matters most: in your pressroom. To help you identify the cause if problems and implement effective solutions, to opti­mise your process and make your business more profitable.

Pressroom chemistry with inbuilt added value

If rollers are the heart of the printing process, the fountain solution – along with the ink – is its lifeblood. Böttcher-Fount fountain solution additives are designed to deliver top technical and economic results, no matter what dampening system or stocks you are using. They help you reduce start-up waste and reduce build-up on rollers and blankets, while their economy of use allows you to deliver a drier product to the mailroom and avoids downstream process problems. And Böttcher’s patented Molex system will eliminate the formation of bio films in the fount circulation system.

Böttcher is also one of the world’s leading manufacturers of washes and maintenance products for blanket and roller cleaning, with a range of dedicated washes tailored to the specific needs of each type of automatic washing system. In the area of solvent filtration, no-one has more experience than Böttcher. And modern concepts for packaging, distribution and waste management will help you reduce the carbon footprint of your operation.

Printing blankets

In no other area of printing is the performance of the printing blanket as critical as on a coldset web press. Shaftless drives, bearerless presses, alternating between blanket-to-blanket and blanket-to-steel modes, long web leads and many other critical factors mean that the blanket has to do much more than just transfer the image.

The mechanical and chemical characterics of our newspaper blankets have been specifically designed to meet these chal­lenges. They are designed, manufactured and converted using state-of-the-art technology. Because a blanket is performing best when you don’t even notice it’s there. BöttcherTop blan­kets are designed with defined feed characteristics and ex­cellent dimensional stability. The result is even web tension and good register in all kinds of press configurations and at all production speeds.

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